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Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf: the fantastic Kite Spot with Flat and Shallow Water

Punta Trettu, on the South West of Sardinia, not far from Sant’Antioco, is considered one of the best kite spots in Europe. Punta Trettu has grown in popularity all over the world due to its perfect characteristics for kitesurfing: flat water, shallow water, great steady winds.

The Kite Spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia

Characteristics of the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu Sardinia

  • Minimum level required: Beginner
  • Type of spot: Sandy
  • Type of seabed: Sandy
  • Useful wind: Mistral, Scirocco
  • Water quality: Flat / Rippled
  • Waves with wind of: No waves are formed
  • Distance from Cagliari center: 85 km
  • Distance from the car park: 10 min
  • Water temperature: 15 ° C (winter) – 25 ° C (summer)
  • Wind range: 12-40 knots
Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurfing
Punta Trettu Kitesurf Spot in Sardinia

Description of the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf

Punta Trettu is located near the Village of Matzaccara in the Municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu), in the southwest coast of Sardinia. Punta Trettu is condidered a Paradise for Kitesurfing, an excellent kite spot to learn kitesurfing as beginners who take courses or lessons with the instructors can benefit from a very shallow and flat water, and advanded riders can try new tricks in a perfect shallow water. 

Although Punta Trettu is a place where there are no swimmers due to the shallow water, to the small available beach and to the winds that are almost always blowing here, kitesurf can be launched only at the Punta Trettu Kite Beach and kitesurfing is allowed only in some kite zones:

  • in the kite zone dedicated to the official kite schools for their kite courses and kitesurfing lessons,
  • in the kite zone dedicated to people that already know how to kitesurf (independent riders that have at least the kite level 5).

Kitesurfing is not allowed:

  • in the route used by boat to reach and leave the harbor of Sant’Antioco,
  • in front of beach near the small harbor of Punta Trettu.

In fact, for local and italian laws, kitesurfing and other water sports are allowed 500 m far from the harbors and the boat channels, and 200 m far from the beaches.

People that will kitesurf out of the allowed kite zones can get a very high fine from the Guard Coast and Police.

To understand where kitesurfing is allowed in Punta Trettu, have a look at this video.

Where is our Kite Center based in Punta Trettu Sardinia

In our Kite Center in Punta Trettu you will find everything you need to practice Kitesurfing and other sports such as Windsurf, SUP and Surf, you can relax sipping a drink and eating foods in our Lounge Bar and Cafè, get services for Campers (electricity, water, showers, ect), accommodations at the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House Sardinia and much more.

Our Kite Center is located in the positions showed in the here below map.

How to Get to Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf

From Cagliari, take the S.S. 130 towards Carbonia. Arrived in the vicinity of Carbonia, continue in the direction of Portoscuso towards Matzaccara. Once you arrive in Matzaccara, continue to Punta Trettu.

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