Beginner Kite Course in Punta Trettu

The Kite Course for beginners proposed by Punta Trettu Kite Center is aimed to people who would like to start this fantastic sport. This course is suitable for all ages, for all people that is healthy and able to swim.

Kitesurf material and insurance included

For the Beginner Kite Course the students will be provided with the latest generation equipment, such as wetsuits, boots, kites, boards and radio helmets to communicate with the instructor in real time.

Italian law requires that every person practicing kitesurfing must have third party liability insurance. With our school, the membership card that includes this insurance is included in the price for all our kite courses (is not included in the single kite lessons). We will give you the membership card for free!

Steps of the Beginner Kite Course

Kite Course for beginners includes the following steps:

  • Theory, Safety, Assembly of the Kite (about 30 minutes):
    • Basics of kite flight theory
    • Safety rules
  • Kite Control Practice (from about 3 hours)
    • Practice in water with kite (we do not use kite trainers but directly normal kites. This in order to optimize the learning time of the student)
    • Techniques for relaunching the kite from the water
    • Self rescue (rescue techniques)
  • Body Drag and Departures (3 – 4 hour onwards)
    • Body drag
    • Water Start with the board
    • First gliding on the water on the water
    • Gliding on the water

Course timetable

Kite courses are organized daily according to weather conditions. The plan of kite courses is communicated daily to the students, in order to make the most of the weather and wind.

Duration of Beginner Kite Courses

We have different Kite Course for Beginners, more or less long, that last 3 or 15 hours. As exemple, 9-hour course is usually divided into 3 days, for a total of about 3 hours of course per day. Even if the kite level achieved at the end of the Kite Course could vary between each student, attending a longer kite course you will get better kite skills and level.
Start with kitesurfing with safe and fun! It will be a fantastic challenge full of adventure!

Here under the list of our Beginner Kite Courses:

Type of kite course

Punta Trettu Kite Center offers private or semi-private kite courses and lessons:

  • Private: with the private kite course (1 student – 1 instructor – 1 kite) you will have a dedicated instructor who will follow you exclusively during the course.
  • Semi-private: If you are two friends or a couple with the same level and with a weight difference of maximum 15 kg, you can choose to attend a semi-private kite course (2 students – 1 instructor – 1 kite). You can switch during the kite course taking the advantage to see the most frequent mistakes by looking at the other student.

Learning times

Learning times depend on many factors: attitude, previous experiences, age, sports practiced, psycho-psychic conditions, etc. On average, you can make the first gliding on the water with the board after about 6 hours of course.

In addition, we can states that the average time needed to most of people to complete each kite level is approximately 3 hours of kite lessons. So, with a kite course of 3 hours, you should be able to get one kite level, with a kite course of 6 hours you should be able to get two kite levels, with a kite course of 9 hours you should be able to get three kite levels, and so on. For exemple, if your Kite Level is 3 and you would like to get Kite Level 4, you would need approximatly 3 hours of kite lessons (so you would need a kite course of three hours).


The goal of our school is to train new kiters in total safety and in the shortest possible time. We know that all aspiring kiters want to glide on the water as soon as possible. We will do our best to satisfy you!


Which kite level do I have?Beginner or Advanced?

Taking in account the kite learning scale, we can divide kitesurfers in 2 mains groups: Advanced and Beginners.
Advanced on kitesurf are people that already did kitesurfing lessons and that are able to ride upwind (they have reached the Kite Level 5 of the kite learning scale);
Beginner on kitesurf are people that have never done kitesurf or people that did kitesurfing lessons in the past but have not yet reached the level 5 of the kite learning scale (people no