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The Logo of Punta Trettu Kite Center, the kitesurf center in Punta Trettu
Punta Trettu Kite Center Logo

The Punta Trettu Kite Center is the Kitesurf Center created by KiteGeneration, the renowned kitesurf school in Sardinia, in the area of Punta Trettu, in the municipality of San Giovanni Suergiu, South Sardinia. The Punta Trettu Kite Center, born from an idea of Matias Rey, Riccardo Mereu and Lucas Rey, who have always been supporters of active and eco-sustainable tourism, was made possible also thanks to the Sulcis Plan, a fund for the revitalization of the economic system of the Sulcis Iglesiente area.

The Kite Center

The constant presence of tourists in Punta Trettu, on of the best spot for kitesurfing, contributes to increase the good reputation of the place both nationally and internationally.

So in 2017, Lucas, Matias and Riccardo decided to invest in Punta Trettu and to create those services that would allow the enhancement of the place in terms of organization and tourist-accommodation offer. Thus was born the Punta Trettu Kite Center that today offers services such as:

  • Sports-recreational activities that are based on respect and enhancement of the territory, such as kitesurfing, sup, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, trekking and cycle tourism
  • Food&Drink and accommodation services, strictly related to the sports and recreational activities described above. They are aimed at both the local and tourist public.

With the hope that other people and companies have the desire and manage to improve the territory of the Sulcis iglesiente,

You will be always welcome at the Punta Trettu Kite Center! We will be proud to welcome you.

Riccardo, Lucas, Matias