Kite Course for Children

The Kite Course for Children is addressed both to children who have no experience with sailing and to children who already have previous experience with sailing or windsurfing. The Children Kite Course is carried out using kitesurf equipment suitable for the age and weight of the child and with the game-sailing approach thanks to which children and young people learn with practice, in an almost playful way, also what should be learned in theoretical way.

The kite course for children is a 6-hour course, aimed at children up to 12 years of age . At the end of this kitesurfing course, child will know the basics of kite control (both on land and at sea), will know how to relaunch the kite from the water and do the bodydrag. The execution of the water start phase will depend by child and child. In fact, sometimes it is possible to do the water starts, other times it is necessary to continue with the kite control phase up to an adequate level.

Suitable materials are used, such as wetsuits, harnesses, kites of measures suitable for age and weight.

In order to attend this course, good aquatic skills, the presence of a parent or a document signed by a parent are required.