Advanced Kite Course In Punta Trettu

The advanced kite course is the right course if you would like to improve your freestyle skills and to understand what are the mistakes to avoid in your future training alone.

Pop Course

This course is aimed at people who have already learned the first “basic jumps”. It focuses on learning or improving the hooked pop technique and the first hooked rotations: back roll and front roll.

Rotation Course

Sooner or later, after learning the techniques of basic jumps, the kiters start to try the first rotations. With this course you will learn the technique to make back and front rotations in total safety. The course is strongly recommended for kiters who would likr to progress in their freeride skills safely and quickly.

You will always be followed by the instructor who will always be in direct contact with you via a radio helmet to communicate with you in real time.

Freestyle course

The freestyle course is aimed to people that would lile to progress in the jumps, try and / or perfectioning tricks. In order to ensure a perfect learning, the freestyle course is fully customizable and programmed on the student’s skills, needs and objectives. The range of jumps that can be learned by attending this course is very wide: you can learn to “unhook” and try unhooked pop and raley, riding blind and raley to blind, sbend or the jumps in power kite loop, unhooked kite loop.

You will be equipped with a radio helmet to be able to communicate in real time with the instructor who will be a few meters away from you and will give you practical demonstrations.

Advanced Kite Courses

If you are Advanced and you would like to improve your kite skills to get the next kite level, you can choose one the the below kite courses for advanced.
  • Mini Kite Course (A3): 3 hours of kite course in 1 session of 3 hours
  • Basic Kite Course (A6): 6 hours of kite course, divided in 2 sessions of 3 hours each
  • Classic Kite Course (A9): 9 hours of kite course, divided in 3 sessions of 3 hours each
  • Super Kite Course (A12): 12 hours of kite course, divided in 4 sessions of 3 hours each
  • Zero to Hero Kite Course (A15): 15 hours of kite course, divided in 5 sessions of 3 hours each.