Intermediate Kite Course In Punta Trettu Sardinia

The intermediate kite course is addressed both to people who have already taken a kite course in the past but that have not yet independent (have not yet reached the Kite level 5 andd are not yet able to go upwind).

With the kite course for intermediate you will be able to improve your kite level e.g learning to go upwind, to go toe side, to do small jumps, etc.

Intermediate kite course can focus on a specific phase of kitesurfing or in small jumps.

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Intermediate Kite Course in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Specialization Kite Course

The specialization course is addressed both to people who would like to improve speeds, upwind, toeside, jibe, ect.

Basic Jump Kite Course

Kite jumping is one of the things that all kiters want to learn as soon as possible. And usually, you will try to learn how to do it yourself, thinking that jump is simple. In reality, adequate coordination and technique is needed.  With this course we will teach you the techniques necessary to jump in total safety and investing not much time and money. The basic jumping course will give you emotions, results and fun!

We would loke to remind you that during all our lessons you will be equipped with a radio helmet for perfect communication with the instructor

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