Camping facilities in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Are you coming in Punta Trettu for enjoy kitesurfing, to learn to kitesurf or to improve your kite skills, and are you looking for a camping in the area? In the area of Punta Trettu there are not official campings. Does it seem incredible to you that in a natural place with so many spaces like Punta Trettu there isn’t an official campsite and you’re wondering why? The reason is that the public administration does not give permits to do a camping in Punta Trettu due to old laws and old naturalistic constraints. You got it right: in Punta Trettu it is not possible to make an official campsite, it not possible to build any new building, volume, etc. The buildings that are in Punta Trettu are old buildings that have been rennovate, no other facilities can be built. In Punta Trettu there are companies that claim to have camping, that they offer places for tents, but they are not legally authorized and, therefore, those companies and their guests risk problems and fines every day with the Police and Guard Coast. Finally, in Punta Trettu as in the whole Sardinia, the free camping is absolutely forbidden. Anyway, at the Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardinia we are offering some camping facilities for people travelling by Camper, Motorhome and Van. Here below you could find some information on the offered services.

What to do and what we can offer?

Camper Van Punta Trettu Sardinia

Camper and Van services in Punta Trettu, the best kite spot of Sardinia

To try to support people who travel by camper /van, we offer services that we think may be useful. For these services, we ask for a small contribution per day. People who take the course with us, also have a reduction on this contribution. Please note that we have pratically no income from offering these services. You can see what we can offer and the prices for the camper / van services we offer are here, the same for everyone. We like to have friendly people with us, who like to stay friendly with others, who come to talk with us if something is wrong and maybe try to figure out what the problems are. We are engineers and we work like engineers. We created the kite center because is our passion and to create a friendly environment. If you like to have a perfect place, maybe you can go to a hotel and if you don’t want to give even a small contribution, you can go to the nearby Pineta (where, however, you risk having some problems with the police). Thank you for reading, and understanding our efforts, we hope you also have a good mood and want to feel good with us and with others 🙂

Camper services offered at the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House

At the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House the following camper and van services and facilities, for people travelling with their camper or van, are offered:

  • parking for camper and van in a pleasant and comfortable environment,
  • water supply service,
  • electricity to recharge batteries and for the camper / van services,
  • Outdoor Hot Showers (there are not indoor showers, cannot by builded as explained above),
  • Toilets,
  • Shared Kitchen facility,
  • Food & Drink services,
  • Relax Area and Solarium,
  • Swimming Pool,
  • Internet Wi-Fi,
  • Changing Room,
  • Kite Services,
  • Kite Storage,
  • BBQ,
  • internet wi-fi
  • Note: the use of the swimming pool is for the people staying in the rooms only. If you like to use it, you have to talk with the reception / whatsapp.

In case you are looking for confortavle accommodations in Punta Trettu, at the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House we have private rooms with private bathroom and terrace.

Camper Van Punta Trettu Sardinia

Prices and booking page for the camping services

At the Punta Trettu Kitesurf House, places for Campers and Vans are limited, in order to allow to everyone to profit properly of the facilities and services as showers, toilets, kitchen facilities, etc. So, the booking in advance is recommended. To book, you should follow the instructions at the proper section at this page. Important: If you are more than one person, please fill one form for each person. We need the data of all the people staying at our Kitesurf House (for Authorities regulations). Before to register, please read and agree with this page explaing which camper / van services we can offer and the spirit for staying at our place.

Regarding the prices, you can find them at the proper section on this page.

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