Wind Statistics, Weather and Windforecast in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Punta Trettu Windguru: Weather Forecast in Punta Trettu Sardinia

Wind Statistics in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

In Punta Trettu, the wind blows constantly for a high percentage of days during the year with a wind constant and direct and never gusty whatever direction it blows from.

Wind Punta Trettu Sardinia
Wind in Punta Trettu Sardinia

The useful winds in Punta Trettu are:

  • The Mistral, wind blowing from North-west that predominates during April to September.
  • The Scirocco, wind blowing from South-East , that is useful when blowing strongly. It pass  the channel of  Sant’Antioco and enters clear  into the bay of Punta Trettu.
  • The Levante, blowing from East, enters clear into the bay. Punta Trettu a part,  Poetto beach of Cagliari and Chia are  perhaps the only kite spots of  south Sardinia where this wind works really well.
  • The Ponente, blowing from West, and the Libeccio, blowing from south West, work well if they are strong.

Weather and Windforecast in Punta Trettu

Now, for sure, you are wondering where you can check the weather and wind forecasts for Punta Trettu. Here below you can find the best weather and wind forecasts websites.
Anyway, you should keep in mind that often, thanks to the local thermal winds, not predicted by the weather forecasts, the wind can be even between 5 and 10 knots stronger than what is expected by Windguru and Windfinder forecasts.
The models of weather forecasts have approximatly 50 km resolution so they can’t predict wind conditions on exact spot. In a weather forecast website / model you can see a forecast “in that area” but real wind conditions on a specific spot can be determined by local effects. Locals effect are determined by many factors and just the locals know how are working the thermal winds.

So, our suggestion is to get a service from a local kiteschool in order don’t miss any day of Kitesurfing.
Keeping in mind what it has been claiified before, to check the weather forecast in Punta Trettu, you can have a look at the following Weather forecast services:

Punta Trettu Kite Beach: the paradise of Kitesurfing

Punta Trettu, the perfect kite Spot in Sardinia with flat and shallow water

In the South West of Sardinia island, in front of Sant’Antioco, is located the famous ad fantastic kite spot of Punta Trettu, the pradise of Kitesurfing,, considered one of the best Kite Spot in the world. Here in Punta Trettu, kitesurfing is allowed at Punta Trettu Kite Beach only.

What does mean Punta Trettu?

Punta Trettu  is a tip (Punta) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco.

Why Punta Trettu is considered one of the best Kite Spot?

Punta Trettu is a Kite Spot, famous for its perfect characteristics that make kitesurfing very easy, allowing the kite beginners to learn fastly and the advanced kiters to improve their level.
Be aware that kitesurfing is allowed at Punta Trettu Kite Beach only.

Main Characteristics of Punta Trettu Kite Beach

Punta Trettu Kite Beach, the perfect Spot for Kitesurfing in Sardinia
Punta Trettu Kite Beach

The main characteristic of the Punta Trettu Kite Beach are: 

  • shallow water,
  • flat water,
  • constantly blowing winds.

The sandy bottom and the transparent waters complete this magic kite spot that, also in case of strong winds, has always flat water like in a lagoon.

Punta Trettu Kite Beach: a Paradise for Kitesurfing

First kiters discovered Punta Trettu in 2008 and from 2010 several kite schools started to use Punta Trettu Kite Beach for kitesurfing lessons.
“In 2009, I heard that Punta Trettu was a paradise for kitesurfing. When I went there in 2010 for the first time, it felt in love with Punta Trettu: warm, shallow and flat water, steady winds, sandy bottom. It was really a Kite Paradise”, says Lucas one of founders of KiteGeneration, now based in Punta Trettu.
Definitely Punta Trettu is a Paradise for Kitesurfing, with exceptional flat and shallow water conditions, perfect for all kite levels. Punta Trettu Kite Beach, one of the best kite spots in the World.

Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Kite Puntra Trettu Sardinia

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia: The best place to learn kitesurfing in Sardinia
Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia

Like a small kite paradise, Punta Trettu is a tip of land just opposite the island of Sant ‘Antioco in the South of Sardinia. This fantastic kite spot offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing thanks to the good wind, shallow and flat water.
In the south-west of Sardinia, just opposite the island of Sant ‘Antioco, a small narrow land extends into the sea. It is made just for kitesurfing.

Love at first sight with Punta Trettu

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu, Sardinia
Kitesurfing Punta Trettu, Sardinia

This kite flat water spot has a sandy bottom with sand and seagrass. Super with the winds of Mistral and Scirocco, has a really flat water that makes the spot super for all levels, even with a very strong wind. Love at first sight with this kite spot.

Description of Kite Spot

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia: The best place to learn kitesurfing in Sardinia
Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia: The best place to learn kitesurfing in Sardinia

The tip land of Punta Tretti is like a “footbridge” that leads to the kite spot.
The spot is perfect both for beginners and advanced that progress their kite even in total safety.

Punta Trettu has a small kite beach

There is a small beach to set-up the kites. Looking at the south of this beach, depending on the tide, the water level can be very shallow. In case be very careful in this area.
As said before, the kite spot of Punta Trettu has a wonderful shallow water. People that like to have a bit deeper water for practicing some tricks or jump can go downwind.

The wind in Punta Trettu

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia: The best place to learn kitesurfing in Sardinia
Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

The best winda are north-west (Mistral) or South-East (Scirocco).
Mistral is almost always supported by some thermal wind and for that reason, it is always stronger than what is foreseen in the forecast for Punta Trettu.

Best period for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

The spot is a good choice throughout all the year round. During the winter season, the wind are usually stronger and the temperature of water and air is obviously colder than in the summer season.

Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water: Spot of Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water

Are you coming to Sardinia to learn kitesurfing and to improve your kite skills and you are looking for a great kite spot? Would you need a suitable kite spot for all your family or friends with different kitesurf levels? Kitesurfing Flat Water? Punta Trettu is the right kite beach for you!

Information on Punta Trettu kitesurfing Flat Water

General information about Punta Trettu

Kitesurf Beach Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water
Kitesurf Beach of Punta Trettu (Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water)

Located in the south west of the famous island of Sardinia, in Italy, Punta Trettu is exactly opposite to the Town of San’Antioco located on the homonymous island.  Part of the district of San Giovanni Suergiu, the next big City is Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, an hour away by car from Punta Trettu. 
Punta Trettu is a tip (“Punta”) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Sardinia
  • Next Village: Matzaccara
  • Next Town: San Giovanni Suergiu
  • Next Big City: Cagliari
  • Next Airport: Cagliari-Elmas

The Kite Spot of Punta Trettu

Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water Kitesurf Beach of Punta Trettu
Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water: Beach of Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu is considered one of the best kitesurf spot of whole Europe! In fact, with shallow and flat water and steady winds, Punta Trettu is a kitesurf paradise. 
Although the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu is considered by many a lagoon, it is not so. It looks like a lagoon because it’s almost closed on all sides, but sea water is current. Suffice it to think that marine currents have created a deep natural channel to allow boats to navigate (important: in boat channel is not allowed to kitesurf! Respect the kite zones, have a look at the Punta Trettu Maps here).

  • Type of Kite spot: Like a Lagoon
  • Required Kite Level: Beginner
  • Kite Zones: In Punta Trettu there are specific areas where is allowed to kitesurf. Check the Kite Zones in Punta Trettu here.
  • Type of water: Shallow, Flat
  • Quality of the Water: clear
  • Best Tide: Tide independent
  • Time from the parking to the kite spot: 5 minutes by walk
  • Rules, advice, Notices: Learn and respect the few simple rules, advice, notices present in Punta Trettu. Click here to know them.
Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water Kite Beach of Punta Trettu
Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water: Kite Beach of Punta Trettu

Winds in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu Kite Beach Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water
Punta Trettu Kite Beachin Sardinia

In Punta Trettu, the wind blows steadily along the bay all year round.
The predominant wind is the Mistral, wind blowing from North-West. Thanks  to the favorable geographical situation of Punta Trettu, expecially during the spring and summer season, the thermal wind can accelerated the Mistral even 5 – 10 knows more than what is expected by the windguru forecasts.
The Scirocco, wind blowing from South East, and the Levante, wind from Est enter clear in Punta Trettu.
The Ponente, wind from West, and the Libeccio work as well from Spring to Autumn.

  • Wind Type: Thermal, atmospheric perturbation
  • Best Direction: NW, W, SE, E
  • Predominant Direction: NW
  • Best Months for kitesurfing: March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Kite & Surf Centers in Punta Trettu in Sardinia

In punta Trettu you can find some Kite Centers that offer kite services like Kite lessons, Repair services, kite Rental and Rescue.
These Kite Centers offer you the possibility relax and grab a snack, a coffee or a beer, and get to know each other. There are outdoor showers, bathrooms, and wireless.

How to Get in Punta Trettu

Only if you are in Matzaccare you can go by walk or by bike.
In all the other cases, to get in Punta Trettu you need a car. in fact, at the moment, there is not Pubblic transportation to get there.
To check to exact way to get there, have a look at the below map.

  • Transport: Car
  • Accessto the spot: Medium walk (5 minutes)


Kitesurfing in Sardinia, that windy island!

Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Sardinia Kite Trip

After longtime we were planning to go in Morocco, at the last minute we changed idea and we decided to go to kitesurfing in Sardinia.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia in April: Kite Beaches of Punta Trettu, Porto Botte, Petrol Beach, Cagliari

Sardinia has been a destination for windsurfers for a long time, but you still don’t hear too much news about kitesurfing. After a research on internet, decided to go in the South of Sardinia to spend our kite week holiday.
We got a flight to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, and rented a car.(in Sardinia is pretty recommended to have a car)).
Because the weather forecast services were prediction Mistral (wind from North-West), we decided to move to the West Coast of Sardinia. We drove to Sant’Antioco, which is the largest village in the area, in about one hour along almost empty roads.
Sant’Antioco is a nice village with many restaurants but not night life this period of the year. But we were in Sardinia to enjoy kitesurfing and not to enoy all the night!
The first 2 days we had kitesurf in Punta Trettu, that incredible place! Shallow and flat water almost everywere!
The third day, we moved to Porto Botte, at the south of Punta Trettu and of Sant’Antioco. Very good spot, beautiful nature, strong wind, water a little bit choppy.
The fourth day, the Mistral stopped. Asking information to the local kiters, we got advise that the thermal wind was blowing in Petrol Beach, close to Cagliari. Here we went! The wind was perfectly steady, around 16 knots.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Poetto Beach
Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Petrol Beach

The last 2 days, we went to kite at the fantastic Poetto Beach of Cagliari. In April, this beach is still empty and working well with the thermal wind and the Scirocco. Scirocco is wath we found the last 2 days of our fantastic trip in Sardinia. The first day at Poetto beach the wind was not so strong and the water was only a little bit choppy. The last day of our holiday the wind was strong and we got the chance to kite with our surf board! That incredible day!
Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Petrol Beach
Kitesurfing in Sardinia: Poetto Beach of Cagliari

Our kite Experience in the South of Sardinia

We had our trip in Sardinia at the beginning of April. Air temperature during the day was around 25˚C and the water temperature around 17˚C.
In our trip we found wind every day. We had kitesurf for 6 days out 6 with the winds of Mistral (north-West) and Sirocco (South-East). To find the wind we moved to different kite beaches with our car.
Generally wind pick up in the afternoon but the wind of Mistral and Sirocco can pick up even in the morning and can blow over 30 knots.
It is recommended to get service from some kite schools there in order to get the necessary support and advises on the winds.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia Punta Trettu Porto Botte Cagliari Trip
Kitesurfing in Sardinia: Relax Time

Punta Trettu in Sardinia, one of the best Kitesurf Spot in Europe

Sardinia Kitesurfing Flat Water Kite Beach of Punta Trettu
Punta Trettu in Sardinia, spot for kitesurf
Punta Trettu in Sardinia, spot for kitesurf
Sardinia offers many spots for various  kite disciplines. It will astonish the wave lovers as well as foilers  and freestylers.

Punta Trettu is a place in the South West of Sardinia. It is a tip (Punta) that faces straight ahead (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco.

Punta Trettu is a famous Kitesurfing spot due to:

  • shallow and flat water, that makes kitesurfing very easy
  • constantly blowing winds of Mistral, Scirocco, Ponente and Levante

Kite Spot Details

Minimun level required Beginner
Sea bed Sandy
The best wind Mistral
Water shape Flat/Choppy
Wind for waves
Distance from the center of Cagliari 85 km
Distance from parking 10 min by walk
Water temperature  15 °C (winter) – 25 °C (summer)
Wind range 10-40 Knots

Punta Trettu in Sardinia: the perfect spot for Kitesurfing

Punta Trettu Sardinia Kitesurf Spot
Punta Trettu in Sardinia: one of the best kite spot

Many famous kiters consider the kite spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia the best flat and shallow water kite spot in Europe.
Punta Trettu works perfectly with:

  • north-west (Mistral) wind
  • south-east (Scirocco) wind

That are the predominant winds in Sardinia. Punta Trettu works even well with East (Levante) and West (Ponente) winds.
What makes this kite-spot so special is:

  • shallow and flat water
  • enough space for everyone.

For the above reasons, Punta Trettu is a perfect spot to learn to kitesurf for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot in Sardinia
Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot in Sardinia

Although in Punta Trettu there are no swimmers, because of:

  • shallow water
  • small beach
  • constantly blowing wind

there are areas where kitesurfing is absolutely forbidden.
The areas where is allowed to kitesurf and the areas where is not possible, are shown in the underlying image and are listed here below:

not allowed areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu
  1. The part of the spot close to the boat navigation channel. For the national sea law, kiters should stay 500 meters far from that channel.
  2. The north-eastern part of the spot where fishermen’s nets are often installed.

Who will do kite in those areas, could incur into a huge fine from the sea police.

allowed areas for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu

Areas of Punta Trettu Kitesurf spot where is possible to kitesurf:

  • Areas dedicated to the kite schools for their kite courses / lessons,
  • Areas dedicated to the independent kiters that don’t need lessons with an instructor. This areas is always extremely shallow and perfect for freestyle.

Go to the video to check it out:
Kiting areas – Punta Trettu

Why Come to Sardinia for Kitesurfing and Where to Kite?

Punta Trettu Windguru: Weather Forecast in Punta Trettu Sardinia
Punta Trettu Kitesurf Sardinia Kitesurfing
Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most famous and stunning Mediterranean islands rich of natural environment, culture and traditions.
Most of the people come to Sardinia to enjoy the beautiful beaches along its varied coastline. Anyway, an ever increasing number of tourists look at Sardinia as destination that allows relaxinghaving fun and that has perfect conditions for sports like kitesurf: in fact, Sardinia, has a very high percentage of windy days in a perfect place for kitesurfing.

Come to Sardinia for Kitesurfing

Due to its positionin the center of the western Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia island is very windy, blown especially by Scirocco (wind from South East) and Mistral (wind from North west), can be considered a kitesurfing paradise.

Kite Lessons with Coach in Sardinia
Kite Lessons with Coach in Sardinia

If you like to enjoy kitesurf in Sardinia during your holidays, or if you just like to get close to this fantastic sport, in this page you can find all the best kite spots of Southern Sardinia. These kitesurfing beaches are ideal in all the seasons of year. The only difference between the summer and the other seasons it that during the summer the sea water is warmer and the weather is more stable, while during the other seasons the weather is more variable and can also lead to really strong winds and huge waves.

In this post we will focus on kite spot (both for beginners and advances) of south of Sardinia because, unlike the north of the island, the south of this fantastic island is less crowdedless expensive, warmer and the wind is much more stable and constant than the north of Sardinia. In the most famous place for kitesurfing of the north Sardinia, Porto Pollo, the wind is very gusty and cold comparing to kite spots such as Cagliari, Giorgino and Punta Trettu, where the wind is much more regular. Seeing is believing 🙂

Sardinia attracts kiters from all over the Worlds with its various kite spots. We head to the South of the island that offers the best conditions both for kitesurfing and for learning how to kite.

The best Kite beaches of Southern Sardinia both for beginners and advanced kiters

Until recently. Kitesurf and Windsurf lovers associate Sardinia just with Porto Pollo, famous for its glorious past. In the last years, the South Sardinia has had a boom between the kitesurfing enthusiasts: fantastic kite beaches, almost always very good wind and weather conditions and good connections from the most of Europe’s capitals thanks especially to the airport and port of Cagliari.
Kitesurfing beaches in southern Sardinia are more varied and less crowded than the kite spots of the North of the island. By moving all around the South of the Island, the chance to find a good wind for kitesurfing every day is very high.
All the kitesurf spots listed below are suitable both for beginners and for advanced riders and therefore are ideal for a family or a group of friends with different kite levels.
The south coast of Sardinia, from Villasimius to Funtanamare (this spot is just for expert) is probably one of the most windy coasts of Mediterranean sea and for this reason rich in many kitesurf spots: Villasimius, Poetto beach of Cagliari, Giorgino, Petrol Beach in Capoterra, Chia (spot not for beginners), Porto Pino (Spot not easy for beginners), Porto Botte and Punta Trettu, to name only the best known.

Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari

Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari
Kitesurfing at Poetto Beach in Cagliari

Poetto, the main beach in Cagliari, besides being famous for for its beauty, for its services and for its nightlife, it is also an ideal place for kite surfing: there is plenty of space, as it stretches for almost 10 Km. Poetto beach  is sandy and easily accessible, with plenty of parking and public transport. Best winds for kitesurfing are Libeccio (South West), Scirocco (South East), Levante (East). Mistral is blowing offshore, so it is possible to ride with this wind just with boat lift.  During the summer season (June, July, August, September), due to the large number of people on the beach, it is not possible to start from the beach, and it’s always needed a school support for lunching from a boat. During the summer season good place for kitesurfing close to Cagliari are Giorgino beach and Maddalena spiaggia (Petrol Beach) in Capoterra.

Kitesurfing at Giorgino and Petrol Beach

kitesurfing in Giorgino, Cagliari
kitesurfing in Giorgino, Cagliari

Giorgino and Maddalena beach, in the district of Capoterra, better known as Petrol Beach, are summer spots. In these two kite beaches, during the summer season, in the sunny days and in case of light winds of Libeccio (South-West) and Ostro (South), Scirocco (South-East), it blows a perfect thermal wind that can reach up to 20 knots, interrupted just in the Mistral’s days.

Kitesurfing in Villasimius

Kitesurf in Villasimius Sardinia
Kitesurf in Villasimius Sardinia

Villasimius is a popular tourist destination, with fantastic and beautiful beaches.
Here in Villasimius, there are two beaches for kitesurfingCampulongu and Porto Giunco.
These beaches, surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean scrub, have a white sand bottom and crystal water.
Depending on the wind, you should change kite spots: Porto Giunco works with the Grecale (wind from North-East) and Campulongu works with the Liaeccio (wind from South-West).
During the summer season, due to the large number of bathers, a lift service is required.

Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu e Porto Botte

Punta trettu is a kite spot perfect for Kitesurfing with the winds of Mistral (north West) and strong Scirocco (South East). The Kite spot of Punta Trettu is very famous for its ideal conditions: constant wind, shallow water and flat water. What else?

During most of the trip, we’ll kite at Punta Trettu, one of the top 5 spots in Europe. Flat water and Shallow water makes it an ideal venue for a one-week kiteboarding course (for beginners) and kite clinic (for everyone who wants to improve their kiteboarding knowledge, quickly and efficiently).

Porto Botte bay
This bay is another great area for kitesurfing, suitable both for beginners and advanced kiters. In Porto Botte bay there are three different spots for kitesurfing:

  1. Il Fortino (the fort) with stronger winds than the other two places, but more complicated for beginners as the bottom is muddy and the wind is virtually offshore;
  2. Porto Botte center bay, where the wind is less strong than the fort but where there is a sandy sea bottom;
  3. Is Solinas, a bit choppy and with a bit less strong wind than the other two places. Compared with the other two spots of the bay is the most beautiful beach.