Kite Spots Kitesurfing Punta Trettu Sardinia

Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu, Sardinia

Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia: The best place to learn kitesurfing in Sardinia
Kitesurfing Punta Trettu in Sardinia

Like a small kite paradise, Punta Trettu is a tip of land in front of the island of Sant ‘Antioco in the South of Sardinia. This fantastic kite spot offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing thanks to the good wind s blowing here, to the shallow and to the flat water.

Love at first sight with Punta Trettu

This flat water kite spot has a sandy bottom with sand and seagrass. Super with the winds of Mistral and Scirocco, has a really flat water that makes the spot super for all kite levels, even with a very strong wind. Love at first sight with the Kite Spot of Punta Trettu.

The Kite Spot of Punta Trettu in Sardinia
Punta Trettu Sardinia: a Kite paradise in Sardinia

Description of Kite Spot of Punta Trettu Sardinia

The tip land of Punta Tretti is like a “footbridge” that leads to the kite spot.
The spot is perfect both for beginners and advanced that progress their kite even in total safety.

Learning Kitesurf in Punta Trettu Sardinia, the paradise of Kitesurfing
Punta Trettu Sardinia, the perfect Kite Spot to learn Kitesurfing with Flat and Shallow Water

The Kite Beach of Punta Trettu

Here in Punta Trettu there is a small beach to set-up the kites. Looking at the south of this beach, depending on the tide, the water level can be very shallow. In this case, please be very careful in this area.

As said before, the kite spot of Punta Trettu has a wonderful shallow water: it is perfect in many situations, but when it becomes too small, can be also dangerous.. be carefull! People that like to have a bit deeper water for practicing some tricks or jump can go downwind.

The wind in Punta TrettuSardinia

The best wind are the North-West (Mistral) and the South-East (Scirocco). Mistral is almost always supported by some thermal wind and for this reason it is always stronger than what is foreseen in the forecast for Punta Trettu.

Best period for kitesurfing in Punta Trettu Sardinia

The spot is a good choice all the year round. During the winter season, the winds are usually stronger but the weather is less stable and the water and air temperature of water and air is colder than in the summer season.

Punta Trettu Kitesurf Sardinia: the best kite spot
Kitesurfing in Punta Trettu Sardinia


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