Facilities & Services in Punta Trettu: Kite Services, Accommodation, Camping, Food and Drink

Punta Trettu is a famous area for kitesurfing. Therefore in the area you can find kite schools that offers kite services as kite courses and Kite Rental.

Let’s see below what services there are in the area of Punta Trettu.

Camping, Caravan and Accommodations in Punta Trettu

Being Punta Trettu a somewhat a wild area, people would expect to find campsites and caravan areas. However, these services are not present in the area (government authorities have not yet gived any permits) and the companies / schools that offer these services do so illegally. Free camping is also strictly prohibited (you could call the police if you like confirmation from them).

In Punta Trettu you can find instead accommodations and food drink services such as those offered by the Punta Trettu Kite Center.

Kite School

In the area of Punta Trettu you could find Kite Schools, like the Kite Punta Trettu Kite Center, that offer kite courses, kite camps, kitesurf rental, rescue, kite equipment washing area and storage;

Food & Drink and other facilities

In the area of Punta Trettu you can find Food & Drink services at The Punta Trettu Kite Center. Here you could find Sandwiches with typical Sardinian products, salads, drinks, wine, pastry, coffee, spaghetti and macaroni, fruit, ice cream and more.

At The Punta Trettu Kite Center you could find also_

  • Relax area, swimming pool, solarium available for guests;
  • free Wi-fi for guest;
  • Free Parking for Guests;
  • Toilette facilities: At The Punta Trettu Kite Center there are pubblic toilet facilities (the only ones available in Punta Trettu);
  • Free Hot Showers for guests;
  • Shop with brands North / Mystic : at The Punta Trettu Kite Center you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, harness, kite. boards and wetsuits by North and Mystic, both new and used;
  • and more!