Surf School in Southern Sardinia

As known, Sardinia has a favorable position in the Mediterranean sea and is always kissed by winds: for this reason, Sardinia can be considered a paradise for KiteSurfing. In addition, always because the wind, Sardinia can be considered a great place for Surfing. In fact, in this fantastic island, the waves are almost always created by strong local winds.

Surfing Sardinia: The best season to Surf in Sardinia

Having a favorable position in the Mediterranean, Sardinia gets small to medium sized waves all year round, especially along the South and west coast.
The best period for Surfing in Sardinia is from half of September to the end of May. In this season, Sardinia is crossed by a high percentage of strong winds.

Sardinia Surfing: Lear to Surf in Sardinia, get one Surf Course
Surfing in Sardinia

If winter is by far the best season to catch good waves, it is also possible to do so in other seasons, especially when the strong mistral wind sweeps the island.
During the Summer season, from June to the half of September, waves could be generated by breezes (light locals winds), even that, in general, those winds are ideal for kitesurfing than for surfing.

Surf Spots in Southern Sardinia

Sardinia has about 200 days per year suitable for surfing. Waves quality is usually excellent and, in particular weather conditions, waves can exceed 5 meters.

Sardinia Surfing: Come in Sardinia and Learn Surfing. Enjoy a Surf Course in Sardinia
Sardinia Surfing

As the waves in Sardinia are depending from the wind and as the wind direction changes often, surf spots in Sardinia changes often too.
The most famous Surf Spot In Sardinia is Capu Mannu that offers often very big waves. Anyway, there are several spots for surfing all around Sardinia, especially in the south and west coast of Sardinia where the winds of Mistral (blowing from North-West) and the Sirocco (blowing from South-East), create good waves for all levels.
Here under the list of the best surf spots of Southern Sardinia:

  • Poetto, the beach of Cagliari, a sandy beach that gives easy waves with strong winds from East;
  • Chia, that has many beaches for surfing, in a fantastic environment, with strong winds from East;
  • Porto Pino, white beach with good waves especially with the wind from south-West;
  • Maresciallo, in the island of Sant’Antioco, very good surf spot, for expert, with strong winds blowing from West or South-West.
  • Porto Paglia, very nice beach with waves for all levels with all winds from West;
  • Funtanamare, long beach  with good waves after strong winds from North-West or West;
  • Masua, an incredible place with good waves with winds from west;
  • Buggerru, offers several surf spots that have different waves conditions with the wind from North-West;
  • Portixeddu, exceptional surf spot when the wind from North-West expires.

Surf School in Sardinia: Surf Courses at Porto Pino, Porto Paglia, Masua, Bugerru, Portixeddu

Our Kite & Surf Center, the Punta Trettu Kite Center Sardinia KiteSurf School, organizes Surf Courses when the conditions are suitable.
Being Punta Trettu a perfect spot for kitesurfing becuase shallow and flat water, Surf Courses are organised in the nearest surf beaches.
Surf Courses are aimed at the people, both adults and children, that like to learn and to approach the Surf in the right way. Whith our surf courses you will learn the basics of surf and you will understand what are the movements to do to stand up on the board and ride the first waves.

Sardinia Surfing Course: Learn to Surf in Sardinia, get Surfing Lessons in South of Sardinia
Sardinia Surfing Course

Surf Courses are organized especially during the wave season (from half of September to May). During the Summer season, we rent surf boards (small waves could be always enjoyed in the beaches close to Punta Trettu) and we give private surf lessons to groups of friends.

Surfing Course for Beginners

In your Surf Course for beginners, we will teach you what you should know to get started with the Surf. Our instructors will try to put you on the surfboard by the end of the first lesson.
The Surf Course for beginners will cover:

  • Introduction to surf equipment
  • Specific exercises for Surfing
  • Safety awareness
  • The Trim: Position on the surf board
  • Paddle technique: Take speed with the surf board
  • How to catch a wave
  • Take Off / Pop Up Technique: how to stand on a surf board.

Intermediate Surfing Course

The Surf Course for Intermediates is addressed to people who already have some surfing experience and like to progress to the next level and ‘drop in’ to an unbroken wave.
The course will explain the methods for paddling before the wave breaks and better techniques to take off and to ride.
The Surf Course for intermediates will cover:

  • Drop into waves
  • Progression onto the advanced wave
  • Long rides


What is include in the Surf Courses?

We will give you everything you need for the surfing course. All you have to bring is a towel and a swimsuit!

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