Hydrofoil Kite Course

The Hydrofoil is a board with a fin of about one meter high that allows you to rise and kite above the surface of the sea. Once you rise above the woter, thanks to the little resistance of the fin on the water, you could kite for long distances in a very short time.

Learning to go with a hydrofoil board is not very complicated. It requires some practice and maybe a hydrofoil initiation course.

Our hydrofoil course is designed for those who already know how to kite in total safety with all wind conditions and at all speeds, and are curious to discover new emotions with a new board.

Steps of the Hydrofoil Kite Course

The hydrofoil course, which will also take place partly with the support of the motor boat and the radio helmet, consists of:

  • a part of body-drag with the hydrofoil board,
  • a part of water start with the hydrofoil board until you get the right confidence to maintain a correct position,
  • a possible part where you will start trying to kitesurf up from the water
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